DIRECTED BY JASON REITMAN, STARRING: Jason Carpenter, with Jeff Witzke

7 minutes

GULP (2001)

One man's quest to save his fish. Starring Jason Carpenter, Mary Jo Smith, Jeff Witzke and Heather Brown.  

Co-Produced by Atom Films and Ford (and oh look - the, at the time, new Ford Focus is an integral  part of the short!) this is the third of Jason’s short films.  

A little bit of trivia - I was not originally cast in this short.  But after the actor pulled out last minute, Jason called and asked me to play the Pet Shot Dictator.  I was happy to oblige and I think everyone was excited with the outcome:  A fun, fishy short film.

“Gulp” was an official selection at the following film festivals:

Sundance Film Festival

US Comedy Arts

Aspen Shorts Fest

Santa Barbara Film Festival

Palm Springs Festival of Shorts

USA Film Festival

Seattle Film Festival

Nashville Film Festival

Cleveland Film Festival

Taos Talking Pictures

Atlanta Film and Video Festival

Nantucket Film Festival

Rehoboth Beach Film Festival

Kansas City Film Festival

Marcos Island Film Festival

The One Show, NY